10 нови предизвикателства в BIA Open Innovation Platform

Актуализирано: 7.11

Благодарение на партньорството между Българска стопанска камара (БСК) и Enterprise Europe Network, на платформата на БСК за отворени иновации са публикувани 10 нови предизвикателства отправени от EEN и KVK.

Новите предизвикателства са:

  • Convert XD Designs into Open Source Websites

Sens Online Solutions specializes in providing online development and marketing processes, where companies get more results from their website, social media or other platform. We offer services like search engine marketing, online marketing and web design services to help businesses with online solutions.

  • Endurance Sport Personal Profile Platform

Challenge Family is a global endurance festival brand, aiming primarily at Long and Middle Distance triathlons, while offering attractive side events for all ages and proficiencies in the same weekend. Events take place in iconic and historic venues across the globe. Challenge Family currently offers 35 events in 30 countries, with a global reach but maintaining a personal and local appeal to the events.

  • Sustainable alternative for API packaging

Aspen Oss has a proud history in the production of complex and highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs), spanning over almost 100 years. We work from a deeply routed and pro-active quality culture. We offer our customers a true partnership by consistently delivering high product quality on schedule. Aspen Oss, whose activities are supported by approximately 800 employees, specializes in APIs for the therapeutic areas of gynecology / women’s health, male health, muscle relaxation and the central nervous system.

  • Enhance fleet data with Artificial Intelligence.

GPS-Buddy has been active in the Telematics & IoT field for the past 18 years, a pioneer in the Fleet management industry that initially strategically partnered with TomTom and Garmin. Currently serving over 2.000 companies in Transport & Logistics, Construction as well as Infrastructure with a total of more than 35.000 vehicles and assets equipped with our systems. Connecting vehicles and objects with people and organizations is what we do.

  • FiberNetwork cost prediction with AI

There are many datasources, with information about contaminated soil, permits, existing networks, etc. which need to be consulted in order to estimate how much money and time is needed to connect a new costumer locations to our network. This is labor intensive because of the multiple information source that have to be consulted and deviations vary widely.

  • A Japanese knitting lace manufacturer is looking for a distributor of heat shield lace fabrics within the EU

A Japanese company with over half a century of experience in the knitting lace manufacture is looking to expand its market presence in the EU. The company provides a thermal insulated custom curtain, which is popular in its domestic market for its insulating ability while not fully darkening the indoor space. They are looking to engage in a distribution services agreement with an EU partner that has sales channels to the household market and public facilities.

  • A Japanese garden tool manufacturer is seeking agents and distribution partners in the EU

A Japanese producer of innovative gardening equipment is seeking a partner in the EU in the form of distribution services and commercial agency agreements. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of long-reach gardening equipment, such as pruners and branch secateurs which is mainly used by professionals. They are looking for partners that can help them expand their presence in the EU market, and are hoping to establish mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

  • Japanese medical device developer is seeking distributors and commercial agents in the EU for their handheld magnetic probe

A Japanese company specializing in magnetic probe research & development for sentinel lymph node identification and occult lesion localization is looking for partners with experience and connections in the bioengineering and medical devices sector to support their entry into the EU market. The partnership sought is a distribution services or commercial agency agreement.

  • Japanese manufacturer of magnesium made canes and wheelchair frames is seeking partners in the EU

A Japanese company specialized in the production of magnesium assistive devices is offering its services to EU companies in this sector. Magnesium is notorious for its toughness, but through expertise and skill the Japanese company managed to succeed in manipulating it and developed its own brand of frames for canes and wheelchairs. The company is offering its know-how for original equipment manufacturing under the form of a manufacturing, outsourcing, or subcontracting agreement.

  • A Japanese company offers potential EU partners processing equipment embedding a material-recycling technology

A Japanese company has invented a technology that allows for the material-recycling of discarded crosslinked polyethylene by transforming it into ordinary polyethylene material. The company has successfully developed in-house twin-screw extruder processing equipment which puts the material-recycling technology into practice. The company is looking for a partner in the EU, interested in the equipment and its embedded technology, and would like to cooperate under a distribution services agreement.


Платформата за отворени иновации на БСК свързва фирми и институции със стартъпи за решаване на конкретен проблем или разработка на ново решение в определена област. Ние сме тук, за да:​

  • подкрепим бизнеса и администрацията за намиране на нови иновативни решения на съществуващи или нововъзникващи проблеми;

  • осигурим възможност на стартъпите за сътрудничество и партньорства с големи компании;

  • усъвършенстваме процеса за open innovation в България;

  • подпомогнем по-доброто развитие на екосистемата за иновации

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